why we start with assessment

Diving right into action with a coaching client can be highly energizing. In that excitement and momentum, it can be tempting to push formal assessment aside. However, launching an executive coaching engagement is no different than commencing a journey. A ship that sets sail without the proper coordinates, weather forecast, and a clear understanding of the resources on board has a greater probability of getting lost or sinking. The success or failure of the journey is largely dependent on the crew’s preparation and a proper due diligence before setting sail. Here at AIIR Consulting, the coaching journey requires the same disciplined approach.

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(Video) Dr. Manuelle Charbonneau at the Intersection of Cultures

In our global economy, the ability to lead individuals across a diversity of cultures and geographies is an imperative. We sat down with Dr. Manuelle Charbonneau, Senior Executive Coach at AIIR Consulting, to learn how she leverages her intercultural expertise to accelerate a client’s development.

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What Sets AIIR Apart


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