AIIR to Co-Sponsor the Society of Consulting Psychology’s 2015 Mid-Winter Conference

AIIR Consulting is pleased to announce that it is a co-sponsor for the Society of Consulting Psychology’s Mid-Winter Conference on February 5-8, 2015 in San Diego, CA. The conference theme is “Fit to Consult? Strengthen-Stretch-Test” and is being held in conjunction with the 5th International Congress on Coaching Psychology (ICCP).

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What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation

Discover how three universal psychological needs, based on contemporary science, provide leaders with daily opportunities to inspire passion, engagement, and the flourishing of others.

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Survival Part II: Self-Awareness and Change

Self-awareness is the knowledge we dynamically formulate about our needs, values, strengths, shortcomings, aspirations, and how others view us. Without self-awareness, our behavior is reflexive, guided by conscious and unconscious learned-responses (habits) and the pleasure principle; we do what feels good, we avoid what does not.

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